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HANDMADE Scandi kids clothes that are for fun.

For your child’s world that is mud-luscious, tree-climbable and full of sandy-feet adventured fun.





SCANDI brand clothing for kids & adults


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Scandi Kids Clothes, What’s The Fuss?

Scandinavian kids clothes are the epitome of fun, colour and everything a childhood should be. From playful patterns to practical designs, Scandi kids clothes are as unique as they are innovative.

The best part of Scandi clothing is the way they’re made. Finding ethically made kids clothing can be a tough feat. In this day and age where cheap clothes end up in landfill after 4 washes, Scandi clothes are bucking the trend. Ethically made and sourced from organic cotton on sustainable production lines our Scandi brands are for the planet as much as they’re for your kids. Our very own handmade label is ethically made too. Our items use organic cotton and are handmade by Working At Home Mum’s (WAHM). This is very important to Uddevalla Barn as it keeps to our values of being a small business and supporting small also. This does mean that our designs and styles are limited meaning they are not mass produced which ensures we are eco concious to the world in which we all live and breathe.

Our brands include: Our very own handmade label Uddevalla Barn Kids Clothing plus Scandinavian brands that include Alba of Denmark and Smafolk.

Uddevalla Barn Kids Range

They are fun, bright clothes designed for playing in. They are colourful scandi-inspired hand-made kid’s clothing. Your child’s world is mud-luscious, tree-climbable, sandy-footed adventure waiting to be had. Our designs allow them to embark on that adventure in upbeat, comfortable clothing that allows for ease of movement while inspiring their imagination. The organic cotton materials that we select are sourced from around the world and made by skilled hands to ensure the finest quality is achieved. By providing ethical, hand-made clothing for children, we treat the world a little kinder. By supporting a small business, you are making a special difference. Thank you for valuing and believing in a better world too.