We could sit here and tell you all about our family-inspired little business. Or how much we love ethically made kids clothing. Even how we treasure the precious moments our kids have when playing in the mud. Of course there is the fact the materials we select are made from 95% organic cotton with 5% elastane, sourced from around the world and made by skilled hands to ensure the finest quality is achieved.

Or we could just bypass all the finer details and get right to the point.

Because above all else… they are fun!

Our collections are bright clothes designed for playing in. They’re colourful scandi-inspired hand-made kid’s clothing made solely for the child whose world is a mud-luscious, tree-climbable, sandy-footed adventure waiting to be had. Our designs allow them to embark on that adventure in upbeat, comfortable clothing that allows for ease of movement while inspiring their imagination. The organic cotton is perfect for sensitive children skin.

By providing responsibly made, ethical kids clothing we treat the world a little kinder. By supporting our small business, you’re making a special difference.

Thank you for valuing and believing in a better world too.

A Little Yarn About How Uddevalla Barn Began

Being a busy mum raising 4 amazing and beautiful kids who love to play, explore and be always curious and adventurous, I wanted clothes that would to stand up to all the elements of kids play time. I wanted clothes that would withstand lots of washing from the hours of play that my children do. I then stumbled across amazing Scandi brands that were super colourful, fun and non gender based. Being a mum of 4 boys I didn’t want to limit what they wore based on their gender. All colours, are for all kids, cause honestly what kid doesn’t love lots of colours in their lives.

The making of Uddevalla Barn

Pronounced (oo de valla) barn
It translates from Swedish to mean Uddevalla Children

Uddevalla is a town and the seat of Uddevalla Municipality in Vastra Gotaland County, Sweden. My mum lived in Uddevalla as a young child while her dad worked near by in Stenungsund building an oil refinery.

My mum passed away in 2015, and she always loved anything and everything Scandinavian. Barn is the Swedish word for children and as my business is about selling Scandi kids clothes I felt this was a great way to name my business.